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Exercise Prescription

Philosophy & Structure

  • Regular exercise directly improves health. A six day per week program with cardio M,W,F and strength/core Tu,Th,Sat (or the reverse) is ideal
  • Contrary to what you have heard, you will not lose weight from exercise.  You will only lose weight by reduced consumption.  We have excellent weight loss medical doctors who can help you lose weight if you need to and are having trouble.  
  • At our Advanced Physical Therapy Institute we will devise a custom exercise program for you.
  • If you have joint problems Dr Prodromos a noted Orthopaedic Sportsmedicine Specialist at our center will design a program that will help not hurt your affected area

Sample Exercise Program


A 15 minute high intensity workout is ideal. The elliptical is the ideal cardio machine.  A stationery bike is also good.  Running is great exercise but often causes joint pain. Swimming is also good exercise but you must swim rapidly to get your heartrate up to useful levels.

Upper Body Strength & Core Workout

Strength training and core exercise should be done on the same day.  Avoid lower body weight training. It is associated with a high injury rate and you will get all the lower body strength you need from your cardio work.

Core Workout

Stomach crunches are all you need to strengthen your core.  Three sets of crunches are sufficient.  Start with a small number of repetitions then work up to a warm-up set of 50 and a second and third set of 100.

Strength Training

Ideally you would do three sets of upper body strength training exercises.  The first set should be very light with ten repetitions as a warm up.  The second set should be 25-30 repetitions at moderate weight. The third set should be 10-20 reps at slightly higher weight.

A sample upper body strength workout is as follows: Do 3 sets of each, rotating exercises.  1st set – 10 reps, 2nd set 25 reps, 3rd set 15 reps, except that the crunches should be 50, 100, 100 reps for the 3 sets.

  • Crunches
  • Bent over row
  • Chest press
  • Latissimus pull downs
  • Dumbbell Lateral raises

Then at the end do 1 set of low weight high rep tricep pulley pull downs and then 1 set of bicep dumbbell curls.

Where to Work Out

Ideally you would go to a local gym.  Home workouts are possible but you would need to buy some equipment.  Home workouts that rely on body weight exercises such as pushups and pullups are less effective and associated with a higher injury rate.

When to Work Out

Morning is best, you will get an endorphin rush that will make you feel good all day.  If you can only work out late, make sure that it does not keep you awake at night.